How to Invite and Sign Up New Members

1.Know why "Every Internet user should join ALGOCO" - (here are the reasons we suggest you use).

- All Internet users help create value on the Internet and should get their
fair share of it – and AGLOCO has a great plan to get it for its members.
* If Google can afford to pay AOL 10 cents a search
and if YouTube (with users doing 90% of the 'work') – can be sold of
$1.6 billion,then there is plenty of 'excess' value to share with the

- What share will an AGLOCO member with no referrals get?
* They will get their share of AGLOCO's profits . In my personal view
this will eventually be $100 to $200 a year – but possibly less at the
* In addition to the cash payments members will get their share of the
ownership of the company – this could be much more than the
annual cash check due to the multiplier effect of earnings.

- All Members get security and utility – There is a short list of items on the
AGLOCO site, I think AGLOCO members will drive the utility of the Viewbar
to become very useful for all members.

- It is the right thing to do – AGLOCO is nothing short of an Internet
Economic Revolution – and YOU should be supporting it. That is pretty
much how I say that.. (- like Wikipedia is Internet revolution in freedom of
Internet information)

- Membership is always free and all data is totally private (no spyware).
AGLOCO never gives out any member data to anyone at any time
(Read Privacy Policy) And they have one of the top anti-spam and privacy
people in the world as their Chief Privacy Officer, Ray Everett-Church,
(he wrote the "Internet Privacy for Dummies" book and the "Anti-spam for
Dummies" book.

2.Know why "All AGLOCO members should recruit new members."

AGLOCO can better serve its individual members the bigger the total membership gets. – This is because AGLOCO can get:

- Better deals with business partners the larger the network is (size matters
when making marketing deals).

- Better Viewbar software (the more users the more other companies will
want to connect their software with the AGLOCO Viewbar).

- Recruiting members can increase their 'share' of AGLOCO by recruiting new
* AGLOCO does reward network builders who recruit new members
(recruit five new members and 'double" your share – recruit 25 and
increase your share 5 times)

3.Know how to "Motivate new members to recruit for AGLOCO."

- Give them a plan.
* Most people use email – so 'ask them when they are going to send
* Most potential builders are worth a personal call or visit – ask your
new recruits to list the people they now who would be good AGLOCO

- Give them the tools.
* Sample emails
* Answers to questions they get asked (I told them to email them with
any questions they get).

4.Just keep at it.

- Keep recruiting new members every chance we can.

- Keep in touch with your recruits to help the keep recruiting as well.

AGLOCO Referral Tips.

1.Send invitation emails to all your friends and online buddies.

2.Use TrafficSwarm and other free traffic exchanges to get thousands of new visitors daily to your AGLOCO blog and AGLOCO sign-up page.

3. Add AGLOCO links to your forum signatures and email signatures. Engage yourself in various forum discussions online.

4.Introduce AGLOCO at eBay , YouTube , MySpace and other sites where large communities of users are active.

5.Use Google Adwords to get highly targeted traffic to your blog and sign-up page. Best to include tips on how to build new referrals on your blog and sites because if they sign up under you, they will help you grow your network as they build theirs based on your referral suggestions.

6. Create a Squidoo Business Lens.

7. Get a blog - An AGLOCO Blog. I’ll be surprised if you don’t have one! You can have one for free at and its very easy to use. If you can type, you can blog. If you still don’t have a blog, its better to have one, or you might be wondering why some new agloco members are getting new referrals everyday by blogging their opinions about AGLOCO and its development.

8.Exchange blog links with others. Link exchanges help in establishing your Google Pagerank - that means you’ll be listed higher in the google search engine than other blogs that don’t exchange links.

9.Get additional traffic by listing your blogs and sites at Blog Topsites. Remember to place the html code on your blog for maximum return traffic daily.


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We are currently hiring home workers worldwide to provide online clerical and marketing

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News Letter Management: Type, Compile, Research, manage subscriber data base

Promotional Campaigning: Plan campaigns, Execute organised campaigns

Response Analyst: Tracking media and campaign results

We also provide work at home job listings each month.

These are real home based employment offered by real employers.

For these you will apply to the employer.

For full details or to register please visit

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My reason for becoming a WAHM is my 3 children ages 7, 6 and 5. When my oldest was born I was working outside the home for 16 hours a day. I did not like leaving her at daycare. It would break my heart. Then it all started, she was growing up and I was missing out. We would go to pick her up and the babysitter would say she sit up today, she started crawling today, etc. I was thinking, "I am Mom. I am suppose to see all of her first." The last straw was when she started calling her babysitter Mommy. At the time I was expecting our second and there was no way I was going to do the same with our second child or any others we may have. So, I started looking for work at home. For two years I was scammed out of over $3,000. I did everything. I knew I did not want to sell, stock or deliver anything. I wanted to have a home-based business that was really from home. When I had given up on finding something legit an ad come in a newsletter and it touched me in so many ways. The person had been through the same stuff I had and was a Mom!! I got all the information right way. The information was free. I decided to give it a shot. That was 4 years ago. I am so happy I did not let this opportunity pass me by. I am able to stay at home with our children and earn a legit income from home. My husband has also been able to start his own business. Something he has always wanted to do. We love being able to spend time with our children and be there for all of their first. You can be Stayin Home and Lovin It too. We offer free information with no obligation.

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