AGLOCO - The Hottest Company on the Net

Get Paid For Something You Are Already Doing...Using The Internet!
This Is NOT A "Business Opportunity"...There Is NO COST...Ever!

Yet...This Can Put More Money In Your Pocket Than Anything You
Are Doing Right Now. Pay Attention Because This Might Be The
Most Important Web Page You Ever Read...

Do You Realize How Valuable You Are?
Every time you are online, you are helping to generate billions of dollars for online businesses, but as an individual customer you do not get to share in the profits that your actions help create. Advertisers, search providers, and online retailers are paying billions to reach you while you surf. How much of that money are you getting? If you're like me it's $0.00. Companies – Google and Yahoo, for example – are trying to convince users to download "toolbars" (sound familiar?) to gather more information from their members. All this information – and the companies that gather it – is worth more than ever. Yet the individual users still do not have an effective way to get their share back.

(Stanford, CA) November 21, 2006 - AGLOCO launched the world’s first online economic network simultaneously in English and Chinese, in a bold initiative to give a fair share of the value generated by online companies back to individual users who help create that value.

How Does Work?
AGLOCO members have the opportunyti to make money and own shares in the company by doing the same thing you are doing right now: SURFING THE INTERNET! AGLOCO gets paid by companies to reach its members through the Viewbar. AGLOCO then gives that money right back to us. Once you sign up on their website,you will be able to download the Viewbar software, a free toolbar-sized application (half the size of a traditional Windows tool bar) that quietly sits on your desktop without ever hampering your online habits. That's all you need to do! Just continue using the Internet as you used to...

How much money will I make, and how is this calculated?
Once you install the Viewbar software it automatically records the time you're actively online, and you are paid accordingly for up to a maximum of 5 hours online for month. The more members AGLOCO has, the more companies will advertise, and the better off the company will be. As an incentive to help, you will be paid for each hour that somebody you referred to AGLOCO uses the Viewbar. You also get credit for the people they refer as well, up to 5 levels below you. This aims to ensure that the very first founding members—those who put time and faith into this enterprise—are adequately compensated for their efforts. There is no limit on the number of referrals that you can get paid for, and your referrals do not lose anything in the process. This is one of the reasons why I suggest you sign up now, and not wait until later. You can always join, but you will more likely have a bigger income the earlier you sign up.

Say you have 5 people you and up signing up,and they sign up 4 people each That's

5+(5X4)+(20X4)+(80X4)+(320X4)=1705(referral people)

people that are surfing and making money for themselves...and for you. With this small group your estimated earning will be

5(your earning)+1705X1.25(referral earnings)=$2136,25/ month.

Think of referring 100 people & they each refer only 5 up to your five levels (duplication will go on),your estimated earning will be $97630/ month.

(Monthly Hours accumulated towards Earnings)
For illustrative purposes only. Your actual earnings could vary from this example, as Viewbar rates and hours may change regularly.

How will I get paid?
AGLOCO will pay its members using checks, ACH (bank-to-bank) payments, PayPal and credit card-style cash card (with a VISA logo on them). AGLOCO will also pay in local currencies wherever possible. You will receive a monthly payment based on your total available hours surfed with the Viewbar on, as well as those you refer.

Will the Viewbar violate privacy or put spyware on your computer?

No. All the Viewbar does is scan the pages you view for keywords that it uses to show you relevant ads that you are more likely to find useful. Nothing else is installed. In addition, AGLOCO has a thorough privacy policy backed by Ray Everett-Church, the leading Internet privacy expert today.
Is it a Pyramid system?
NO. It is not a pyramid system. In a Pyramid system, you are required to pay a certain amount of money. Becoming an Agloco member is completly FREE. The money and shares that the members will earn comes from the top (Agloco) down to the bottom (members). In Pyramid system, the Boss at the top will earn the most! But not Agloco.

Do I need to buy anything?
No, AGLOCO Membership is absolutely free. You will never have to buy or sell anything. Simply sign up, download your free copy of the Viewbar software, refer your friends and family, build your network to earn even more and get your share of the Internet! - a web thesaurus and lexicon listing under adulte, sexe and surprise - Pagerank Anzeige ohne Pagerank Anzeige ohne Toolbar


Making  Money  With  Agloco  skip  main  sidebar  India  Online  Jobs  Work  From  Home  Free  Registration  Data  Entry  Earn  Part  Time  Get  Paid  At  Thru  Internet  Best  Job  Fast  Extra  Cash  Surfing  Programs  Income  Worldwide  International  lundi  13  ao?»t  2007  Cr?©e  ton  blog  cr?©ation  de  blogsHERE  #8217  HOW  PIECE  ACTION  Join  as  member  costs  you  nothing  pays  user  normally  do  Once  start  using  Viewbar  you'll  check  every  month  mail  your  own  referral  link  that  can  give  friends  sign  up  will  pay  hour  referrals  have  open  double  people  refer  share  billions  being  made  Things  not  fair  Big  companies  off  our  move  we  buy  something  watch  ad  even  search  getting  dealt  all  around  us  don  #185  see  cent  This  right  There  one  company  out  wants  called  short  #8220  Global  Community  #8221  they  want  generate  re  If  collect  some  usually  passes  between  back  encourage  Why  Because  absolutely  lose  membership  miss  turns  be  next  Google  afford  AOL  10  cents  per  which  same  help  make  happen  no  cost  build  other  members 


recognizes  ones  them  valuable  more  Remember  signing  could  thing  Hard  Believe  read  #9679  WHAT  ME  RECRUIT  ENOUGH  MY  DOWNLINE  20  REASONS  SHOULD  TIPS  GAIN  INTERVIEW  AGLOCO'S  CHIEF  PRIVACY  OFFICER  RAY  EVERETT  CHURCH  BILL  GATES  ENDORSES  PROFIT  SHARING  IDEAAGLOCO  new  advertising  taking  storm  simple  reason  it's  offering  way  doing  already  surf  net  was  launched  November  2006  observations  positioned  don't  know  many  joined  since  its  launch  aiming  having  000  July  banking  huge  appeal  communities  advertisers  Social  such  Myspace  YouTube  hot  business  their  owners  who  target  users  these  Unfortunately  millions  dollars  revenues  Realizing  power  networks  set  create  Internet's  first  Economic  created  unlike  generated  marketing  opportunities  participate  download  install  #8482  software  would  small  toolbar  rests  bottom  screen  browser  window  while  enables  earning  browsing  currently  beta  testing  yet  available  downloading  now  among  when  becomes  use  earns  engine  providers  display  targeted  ads  based  upon  websites  visiting  click  purchase  receives  fee  portion  Affiliate  Commission  major  retailers  commissions  customers  collects  example  Amazon  5%  most  has  cut  deals  larger  percentages  bigger  better  negotiate  Distribution  Numerous  releases  trial  versions  only  access  latest  coolest  they'll  Service  eBay  PayPal  SKYPE  others  fees  active  services  look  source  monthly  revenue  maximum  five  hours  rewarded  system  network  significant  value  large  also  any  gets  purchases  product  Sponsor  completely  Simply  register  account  running  Tell  about  spend  looking  takes  couple  minutes  After  complete  form  confirmation  email  must  activate  Owned  Then  sending  everyone  surfs  so  under  concept  catching  attention  endorsed  idea  Here  reprint  article  John  Ribeiro  IDG  News  published  December  2005  Microsoft  Corp  company's  chairman  said  panel  discussion  Indian  television  channel  engines  like  Inc  Google's  model  advertisements  lot  end  keeps  itself  added  cajunas  there's  dawn  horizon  hugely  profitable  deserve  slice  pie 


Think  Space  worth  today  had  been  Eighteen  ago  knew  just  little  site  cyberspace  visited  few  started  videoclip  links  via  IM  spreading  virus  sites  perceived  skyrockets  whopping  $1  65  billion  October  imagine  mean  early  helped  giant  offer  founding  let  imagination  YouTube's  announcement  days  profits  step  direction  does  come  anywhere  close  compensation  plan  place  comes  bit  late  insufficient  difference  building  whatever  's  yourself  broad  good  away  telling  AGLOCOAGLOCO  unobtrusive  Brian  Greenwald  say  frequently  asked  question  regular  whole  designed  benefit  those  reading  post  realized  hear  talk  less  buzz  perhaps  interesting  directly  useful  ways  recognize  during  current  pre  phase  address  specifically  talking  collecting  sales  explain  year  spent  shopping  whether  books  electronics  cars  airline  tickets  anything  else  Orbitz  CarsDirect  attracting  store  basically  competitor  able  take  advantage  capable  sensing  type  program  potentially  directing  partner  Initially  may  general  pool  expenses  eventually  sizeable  percentage  go  into  Thus  buys  put  addition  Without  might  someone  important  generally  higher  bring  tend  customer  Rates  vary  retailer  retail  industry  true  grows  automatic  credit  card  where  automatically  picks  eligible  besides  desktop  need  easy  essentially  multi  dollar  taken  Michael  Lewis  safely  legitimately  easily  amount  never  dramatically  increase  referring  AGLOCO4  involved  quit  day  actually  family  vacation  wherever  still  Though  circumstances  shares  matter  Earth  live  change  belongs  surfers  stocks  likely  become  stock  awesome  goes  public  London  Exchange  Very  tried  before  proven  fact  predecessor  over  $120  million  finally  convinced  genuine  shows  history  going  That's  magic  common  sense  11  than  working  computer  connected  12  enter  sensitive  information  ever  14  cancel  longer  15  thorough  policy  explicitly  guarantees  personal  sold  given  16  CPO  whose  responsibility  sure  violated  name  experience  protecting  probably  anyone  planet  17  three  agreements  agree  bases  covered  18  you're  supporting  19  management  team  ensures  positions  high  hijack  fails  won't  none  DOWNLINE1  obviously  immediate  circle  co  workers  classmates  associations  send  emails  aware  strict  anti  spam  Sample  found  http  www  com  web 


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Making Money  Money With  With Agloco  Agloco Making  Agloco India  India Online  Online Jobs  Jobs Work  Work From  From Home  Home Free  Free Registration  Registration Data  Data Entry  Entry Jobs  Jobs Earn  Earn Money  Money Online  Free Online  Jobs Free  Jobs Part  Part Time  Time Jobs  Free Work  Work Online  Jobs Get  Get Paid  Paid Jobs  Work At  At Home  Home Earn  Online Earn  Money Thru  Thru Internet  Internet Best  Best Online  Time Work  Online Job  Job Work  Work Earn  Earn Fast  Fast Extra  Extra Cash  Cash Online  Online Surfing  Surfing Jobs  Jobs Money  Money Making  Making Programs  Programs Free  Free Money  Online Income  Income India  India Worldwide  Worldwide International  International agloco  agloco lundi  lundi 13  13 ao?»t  ao?»t 2007  2007 Making  Agloco Cr?©e  Cr?©e ton  ton blog  blog cr?©ation  cr?©ation de  de blogsHERE  blogsHERE #8217  #8217 HOW  HOW GET  GET PIECE  PIECE ACTION  ACTION Join  Join AGLOCO  AGLOCO as  as member  member costs  costs you  you nothing  nothing #8217  #8217 FREE  FREE AGLOCO  AGLOCO pays  pays you  you as  as Internet  Internet user  user surfing  surfing internet  internet as  as you  you normally  normally do  do Once  Once you  you start  start using  using Viewbar  Viewbar you'll  you'll get  get check  check every  every month  month mail  mail You'll  get your  your own  own referral  referral link  link that  that you  you can  can give  give your  your friends  friends sign  sign up  up AGLOCO  AGLOCO will  will pay  pay you  you every  every hour  hour your  your referrals  referrals


have  have Viewbar  Viewbar open  open Your  Your income  income will  will double  double every  every people  people that  you refer  refer AGLOCO  AGLOCO Join  AGLOCO FREE  FREE get  your share  share billions  billions being  being made  made internet  internet Things  Things not  not fair  fair Internet  Internet Big  Big companies  companies making  money off  off our  our every  every move  move Internet  Internet Every  Every time  time we  we buy  buy something  something watch  watch ad  ad even  even search  search Internet  Internet money  money getting  getting dealt  dealt all  all around  around us  us we  we don  don #185  #185 see  see cent  cent This  This not  not right  right There  There one  one company  company out  out there  there that  that wants  wants give  give us  us our  our fair  fair share  share all  all money  money being  internet #8217  #8217 called  called AGLOCO  AGLOCO short  short #8220  #8220 Global  Global Community  Community #8221  #8221 they  they want  want give  us piece  piece money  money we  we generate  generate every  we #8217  #8217 re  re Internet  Internet If  If we  we join  join they  they will  will collect  collect some  some money  money that  that usually  usually passes  passes between  between companies  companies give  give that  that money  money back  back us  us encourage  encourage you  you sign  up Why  Why Because  Because you  you have  have absolutely  absolutely nothing  nothing lose  lose membership  membership FREE  FREE you  you don  don #8217  #8217 want  want miss  miss out  out if  if turns  turns out  out be  be next  next Google  Google If  If Google  Google can  can afford  afford pay  pay AOL  AOL 10  10 cents  cents per  per search  search which  which they  they do  do they  they can  pay us  us same  same AGLOCO  AGLOCO wants  wants help  help us  us make  make that  that happen  happen Check  Check out  out AGLOCO  AGLOCO sign  up absolutely  absolutely FREE  FREE at  at no  no cost  cost If  we build  build community  community refer  refer other  other members  members AGLOCO  AGLOCO recognizes  recognizes that  that we  re ones  ones making  making them  them valuable  valuable we  we make  make more  more money  money Remember  Remember you  have nothing  lose signing  signing up  up could  could be  next big  big thing  thing internet  internet Hard  Hard Believe  Believe read  read #9679  #9679 WHAT  WHAT AGLOCO  AGLOCO #9679  #9679 HOW  HOW WILL  WILL AGLOCO  AGLOCO MAKE  MAKE ME  ME MONEY  MONEY #9679  WHAT #8217  #8217 ME  ME IF  IF DON  #8217 RECRUIT  RECRUIT ENOUGH  ENOUGH MEMBERS  MEMBERS MY  MY DOWNLINE 


DOWNLINE #9679  #9679 20  20 REASONS  REASONS WHY  WHY YOU  YOU SHOULD  SHOULD JOIN  #9679 TIPS  TIPS HOW  HOW GAIN  GAIN REFERRALS  REFERRALS BUILD  BUILD YOUR  YOUR DOWNLINE  #9679 INTERVIEW  INTERVIEW WITH  WITH AGLOCO'S  AGLOCO'S CHIEF  CHIEF PRIVACY  PRIVACY OFFICER  OFFICER RAY  RAY EVERETT  EVERETT CHURCH  CHURCH #9679  #9679 BILL  BILL GATES  GATES ENDORSES  ENDORSES PROFIT  PROFIT SHARING  SHARING IDEAAGLOCO  IDEAAGLOCO new  new advertising  advertising company  company that  that taking  taking Internet  Internet storm  storm simple  simple reason  reason that  that it's  it's offering  offering people  people way  way earn  earn free  money doing  doing what  what they  they already  already do  do normally  normally surf  surf net  net AGLOCO  AGLOCO was  was launched  launched November  November 2006  2006 all  all observations  observations it's  it's positioned  positioned be  internet don't  don't know  know how  how many  many members  members have  have joined  joined Agloco  Agloco since  since its  its launch  launch company  company aiming  aiming at  at having  having 10  10 000  000 000  000 members  members July  July 2007  2007 AGLOCO  AGLOCO banking  banking huge  huge appeal  appeal that  that communities  communities have  have advertisers  advertisers Social  Social communities  communities such  such as  as Myspace  Myspace YouTube  YouTube hot  hot business  business their  their owners  owners advertisers  advertisers who  who target  target users  users these  these communities  communities Unfortunately  Unfortunately members  members these  these Internet  Internet social  communities do  do not  not get  get share  share millions  millions dollars  dollars revenues  revenues that  that they  they help  help generate  generate Realizing  Realizing power  power Internet  social networks  networks AGLOCO  AGLOCO set  set out  out create  create Internet's  Internet's first  first Economic  Economic Community  Community created  created members  members unlike  unlike other  other online  online communities  communities AGLOCO's  AGLOCO's members  members will  will get  share profit  profit generated  generated advertising  advertising other  other marketing  marketing opportunities  opportunities How  make money  money its  its members 


members participate  participate AGLOCO  AGLOCO members  will have  have download  download install  install FREE  FREE Viewbar  Viewbar #8482  #8482 software  software surf  surf Internet  as they  they normally  normally would  would Viewbar  #8482 small  small toolbar  toolbar that  that rests  rests bottom  bottom your  your screen  screen browser  browser window  window while  while you  you surf  Internet Viewbar  software what  what enables  enables AGLOCO  AGLOCO collect  collect money  money you  you earning  earning while  while browsing  browsing Internet  #8482 currently  currently beta  beta testing  testing not  not yet  yet available  available downloading  downloading members  members Sign  up now  now be  be among  among first  first have  #8482 when  when becomes  becomes available  available Search  Search Every  time you  you use  use Viewbar  #8482 do  do Internet  Internet search  search AGLOCO  AGLOCO earns  earns money  money from  from search  search engine  engine providers  providers Advertising  Advertising Viewbar  Viewbar will  will display  display targeted  targeted ads  ads based  based upon  upon websites  websites you  you #8217  re visiting  visiting When  When you  you click  click ad  ad make  make purchase  purchase AGLOCO  AGLOCO receives  receives referral  referral fee  fee which  which portion  portion will  will be  be paid  paid member  member Affiliate  Affiliate Commission  Commission Many  Many major  major retailers  retailers pay  pay commissions  commissions when  refer customers  customers who  who make  AGLOCO collects  collects that  that commission  commission pays  pays portion  portion its  members example  example Amazon  Amazon pays  pays 5%  5% commission  commission most  most websites  websites who  who refer  customers has  has cut  cut deals  deals even  even larger  larger percentages  percentages bigger  bigger AGLOCO  AGLOCO community  community better  better commission  commission they  can negotiate  negotiate Members  Members Software  Software


Distribution  Distribution Numerous  Numerous software  software companies  companies pay  pay websites  websites encourage  encourage download  download new  new software  software releases  releases trial  trial versions  versions new  new programs  programs AGLOCO  will not  not only  only get  get access  access latest  latest coolest  coolest software  software they'll  they'll get  paid Service  Service Distribution  Distribution Online  Online service  service providers  providers such  as eBay  eBay PayPal  PayPal SKYPE  SKYPE many  many others  others pay  pay fees  fees people  people who  who help  help them  them recruit  recruit new  new active  active users  users their  their services  services These  These service  providers will  will look  look AGLOCO  community as  as source  source new  services Members  Members earn  earn monthly  monthly share  share AGLOCO  AGLOCO revenue  revenue based  based use  use AGLOCO  AGLOCO Viewbar  #8482 that  that month  month Members  earn part  part company  company based  month currently  currently maximum  maximum five  five hours  hours rewarded  rewarded Members  Members who  who use  use our  our referral  referral system  system help  help build  build AGLOCO  AGLOCO network  network will  will earn  earn more  more AGLOCO  AGLOCO only  only has  has significant  significant value  value as  as large  large network  network people  build should  should be  be rewarded  will also  also get  share any  any commissions  commissions AGLOCO  AGLOCO gets  gets when  when Member  Member purchases  purchases product  product service  service from  from AGLOCO  AGLOCO Sponsor  Sponsor company  company AGLOCO  AGLOCO completely  completely free  free Simply  Simply register  register account  account at  at AGLOCO  AGLOCO download  download their  their Viewbar  Viewbar when  available get  paid having  having their  their ads  ads running  running hours  hours month  month Tell  Tell your  friends about  about AGLOCO  AGLOCO get  paid time  time they  they spend  spend looking  looking at  at ads  ads takes  takes only  only couple  couple minutes  minutes sign  up After  After you  you complete  complete registration  registration form  form you'll  get confirmation  confirmation email  email with  with link  you must  must click  click activate  activate your  your account  account Be  Be part  part Internet  #8217 first  first Member  Member Owned  Owned Economic  Community Then  Then start  start sending  sending your  your referral  link everyone  everyone


you  you know  know who  who surfs  surfs net  net so  so that  can join  join under  under you  you AGLOCO  AGLOCO #8217  #8217 concept  concept catching  catching attention  attention even  even Bill  Gates who  who has  has endorsed  endorsed profit  sharing idea  idea Here  Here reprint  reprint article  article John  John Ribeiro  Ribeiro IDG  IDG News  News Service  Service published  published December  December 2005  2005 Microsoft  Microsoft Corp  Corp will  will share  share part  part its  its advertising  advertising revenues  revenues from  from its  its search  engine with  with users  users company's  company's chairman  chairman Bill  Gates said  said panel  panel discussion  discussion Indian  Indian television  television channel  channel Gates  said that  that search  search engines  engines like  like Google  Google Inc  Inc get  get their  their revenues  from advertising  advertising because  because people  people use  use these  these search  engines Google's  Google's business  business model  model not  not based  based free  free software  software Gates  said Their  Their business  model based  based advertisements  advertisements from  from which  they make  make lot  lot money  money they  they don't  don't share  share these  these advertising  revenues with  with end  end users  users who  them get  get revenue  revenue Gates  said Google  Google keeps  keeps all  with itself  itself added  added AGLOCO's  AGLOCO's Get  Share Internet  Internet concept  catching Internet  big cajunas  cajunas realizing  realizing that  that there's  there's new  new dawn  dawn horizon  horizon that  that users  build large  large hugely  hugely profitable  profitable communities  communities deserve  deserve get  get slice  slice pie  pie Think  Think about  about what  what would  would YouTube  YouTube Google  Google My  My Space  Space be  be worth  worth today  today had  had not  not been  been users  users members  communities Eighteen  Eighteen month  month ago  ago not  not many  many people  people knew  knew about  about YouTube  YouTube YouTube  YouTube was  was just  just like  like any  any other  other little  little site  site cyberspace  cyberspace visited  visited few  few people  people Then  Then members  members started  started sending  sending videoclip  videoclip links  links friends  friends via  via IM  IM email  email links  links started  started spreading  spreading


like  like virus  virus Next  Next thing  thing we  we know  know YouTube  YouTube becomes  becomes one  one most  most visited  visited sites  sites Net  Net it's  it's perceived  perceived worth  worth skyrockets  skyrockets Google  Google purchases  purchases whopping  whopping $1  $1 65  65 billion  billion October  October 2006  2006 Now  Now imagine  imagine what  would mean  mean today  today early  early users  users YouTube  YouTube who  who helped  helped make  make giant  giant today  today if  if they  they had  had offer  offer like  like one  one AGLOCO  making its  its founding  founding members  members let  let your  your imagination  imagination do  do work  work YouTube's  YouTube's announcement  announcement few  few days  days ago  ago that  that will  will start  start sharing  sharing profits  profits with  with its  its users  users step  step right  right direction  direction not  only does  does not  not come  come anywhere  anywhere close  close compensation  compensation plan  plan AGLOCO  AGLOCO has  has place  place comes  comes bit  bit late  late insufficient  insufficient its  founding users  users big  big difference  difference between  between AGLOCO  AGLOCO YouTube  YouTube that  that people  who building  building AGLOCO  AGLOCO now  now as  as founding  members would  would be  be sharing  sharing that  that $1  billion whatever  whatever AGLOCO  AGLOCO 's  's worth  worth becomes  becomes Now  Now time  time join  AGLOCO build  build yourself  yourself broad  broad network  network as  founding member  member Here  Here few  few good  good reasons  join right  right away  away start  start telling  telling your  AGLOCO AGLOCO  AGLOCO costs  nothing It's  It's free  have unobtrusive  unobtrusive Viewbar  Viewbar active  active just  just hours  hours every  month AGLOCO  open Once  mail Once  up you'll  up Your  AGLOCO WHAT  DOWNLINE Here  Here #8217  #8217 what  what Brian  Brian Greenwald  Greenwald AGLOCO  has say  say about  about this  this frequently  frequently asked  asked question  question Some  Some people  people have  have asked  asked me  me #8220  #8220 What  #8217 regular  regular Members  who have  have few  few no  no referrals  referrals #8221  #8221 like  like this  this question  question because  because know  know there  there whole  whole lot  lot these  these Members  have gain  gain We  We designed  designed AGLOCO  as Economic  Economic Network  Network benefit  benefit every  every Member  Member not  not just  just those  those who  build example  example was  was reading  reading blog  blog post  post about  about affiliate  affiliate commissions  collect realized  realized that  that hear  hear lot  lot talk  talk about  about how  how AGLOCO  will make  advertising less  less buzz  buzz about  about other  other perhaps  perhaps even  even more  more


interesting  interesting directly  directly useful  useful ways  ways Members  money recognize  recognize that  that during  during current  current pre  pre launch  launch phase  phase we  we spend  spend extra  extra time  time referral  system building  building network  network so  so want  want address  address part  part #8220  Members #8221  #8221 specifically  specifically talking  talking about  about economic  economic benefit  benefit collecting  collecting sales  sales commissions  commissions affiliate  affiliate revenue  revenue Let  Let me  me explain  explain Every  Every year  year billions  billions dollars  dollars spent  spent online  online shopping  shopping whether  whether books  books electronics  electronics cars  cars airline  airline tickets  tickets just  just about  about anything  anything else  else Many  Many online  online retailers  retailers such  as Amazon  Amazon Orbitz  Orbitz CarsDirect  CarsDirect have  have programs  programs that  that pay  pay attracting  attracting customers  customers their  their online  online store  store basically  basically get  get you  you purchase  purchase their  their site  site not  not that  that competitor  competitor AGLOCO  be able  able take  take advantage  advantage these  these programs  programs simply  simply having  having Viewbar  active while  while they  they shopping  shopping AGLOCO  Viewbar software  software will  be capable  capable sensing  sensing when  you making  making type  type purchase  purchase which  which AGLOCO  has revenue  revenue sharing  sharing program  program potentially  potentially directing  directing you  you that  that partner  partner if  if you  you not  not already  already their  site If  you make  purchase Viewbar  collect commission  commission from  from that  that purchase  purchase Initially  Initially this  this revenue  revenue may  may be  be added  added general  general AGLOCO  revenue pool  pool expenses  expenses Member  Member distribution  distribution eventually  eventually sizeable  sizeable percentage  percentage that  that revenue  revenue will  will go  go directly  directly into  into Member  Member #8217  #8217 account  account Thus  Thus more  more Member  Member buys  buys more  money will  be put  put into  into account  account addition  addition regular  regular AGLOCO  AGLOCO income  income Without  Without Viewbar  Viewbar that  commission would  would simply  simply not  not be  paid might  might go  go someone  someone else  else One  One reasons  reasons larger  larger AGLOCO  network important  important that  that these 


these retailers  retailers generally  generally pay  pay higher  higher commission  commission percentage  percentage networks  networks with  with more  more Members  Members those  who bring  bring more  more customers  customers tend  tend get  paid more  money per  per customer  customer Rates  Rates vary  vary retailer  retailer retail  retail industry  industry one  one thing  thing generally  generally true  true all  all them  them as  as AGLOCO  AGLOCO grows  grows we  we will  able negotiate  negotiate better  better better  commission rates  rates you  you This  This one  one way  way which  which you  as regular  regular Member  Member make  make extra  extra money  be automatic  automatic #8217  #8217 like  like your  your Internet  Internet purchases  purchases being  made cash  cash back  back credit  credit card  card where  where Viewbar  Viewbar automatically  automatically picks  picks up  up when  you eligible  eligible this  this cash  back So  So besides  besides having  having active  active Viewbar  Viewbar your  your desktop  desktop you  you will  not need  need take  take any  any action  action collect  collect this  this money  money think  think should  be easy  easy when  you Members  have essentially  essentially created  created multi  multi billion  billion dollar  dollar online  online retail  industry 20  Now taken  taken from  from Michael  Michael Lewis  Lewis #8217  #8217 blog  blog site  site You  can make  money safely  safely legitimately  legitimately easily  easily You'll  You'll make  make same  same amount  amount money  money even  even if  you never  never click  click anything  anything You  can dramatically  dramatically increase  increase your  income referring  referring other  other people  people AGLOCO4  AGLOCO4 If  you get  get involved  involved referring  referring more  members you  you might  might be  able quit  quit your  your day  day job  job actually  actually spend  spend time  time at  home with  with your  your family  family vacation  vacation wherever  wherever still  still make  money Though  Though circumstances  circumstances will  will vary  vary you  can get  paid earn  earn shares  shares no  no matter  matter where  where Earth  Earth you  you live  live signing  up you  get own  own piece  piece company  will change  change Internet  Internet advertising  advertising better  better AGLOCO  AGLOCO belongs  belongs its  members which  you me  me other  other millions  millions net  net surfers  surfers out  there As  member you  will own  own stocks  stocks more  more if  refer people  people company  that likely  likely become  become huge  huge thus  thus your  your stock  stock will  worth something  something awesome  awesome when  when AGLOCO  AGLOCO


goes  goes public  public London  London Stock  Stock Exchange  Exchange Very  Very important  important AGLOCO's  AGLOCO's business  model has  has been  been tried  tried before  before proven  proven work  work fact  fact AGLOCO's  AGLOCO's predecessor  predecessor paid  paid out  out over  over $120  $120 million  million its  members this  this what  what finally  finally convinced  convinced me  me You  You don't  don't have  have change  change anything  Internet You  surf AGLOCO  pays 10  10 AGLOCO's  AGLOCO's revenue  revenue source  source genuine  genuine members  members use  that shows  shows targeted  targeted advertisements  advertisements based  based your  your surf  surf history  history with  with money  money generated  generated these  these advertisements  advertisements going  going back  back members  members That's  That's not  not magic  magic that's  that's common  common sense  sense 11  11 You  You need  need nothing  nothing more  more than  than working  working computer  computer connected  connected Internet  Internet 12  12 You  have enter  enter any  any sensitive  sensitive information  information join  join 13  13 You  have buy  buy anything  anything join  join you  anything ever  ever once  you member  member 14  14 It's  It's easy  easy cancel  cancel if  you no  no longer  longer want  want be  be member  member 15  15 AGLOCO  has thorough  thorough privacy  privacy policy  policy that  that explicitly  explicitly guarantees  guarantees personal  personal information  information will  will never  never be  be sold  sold given  given away  away 16  16 AGLOCO  has CPO  CPO Chief  Officer whose  whose responsibility  responsibility make  make sure  sure your  your privacy  privacy never  never violated  violated name  name Ray  Church has  has more  more experience  experience protecting  protecting privacy  privacy than  than probably  probably anyone  anyone else  else planet  planet 17  17 fact  fact AGLOCO  has three  three agreements  agreements that  that every  member must  must agree  agree All  All bases  bases covered  covered 18  18 signing  up you're  you're supporting  supporting company  better 19  19 AGLOCO's  AGLOCO's management  management team  team will  get stock  stock AGLOCO  AGLOCO This  This ensures  ensures that  that those  those positions  positions high  high responsibility  responsibility don't  don't hijack  hijack company  company 20  20 If  If AGLOCO  AGLOCO fails  fails you  you won't  won't lose  lose any  any money  money because  you paid  paid none  none first  first place  place TIPS  YOUR DOWNLINE1  DOWNLINE1 Your  Your first  first target  target obviously  obviously your 


your immediate  immediate circle  circle friends  friends family  family co  co workers  workers classmates  classmates members  members associations  associations You  can talk  talk them  them directly  directly you  can send  send them  them emails  emails Be  Be aware  aware though  though that  that Agloco  has strict  strict anti  anti spam  spam policy  policy Sample  Sample emails  emails can  can be  be found  found at  at http  http www  www agloco  agloco emails  emails com  com Create  Create your  own web  web site  site blog  blog promoting  promoting Agloco  Agloco those  those seriously  seriously planning  planning doing  doing your  own marketing  marketing recruit  new referrals  referrals could  could give  give you  you FREE  FREE web  site Email  Email me  me details  details at  at admin@cimfund  admin@cimfund com3  com3 Do  Do offline  offline promotion  promotion marketing  marketing consider  consider this  this be  be most  most effective  effective after  #8217 ve  ve done  done No  No above  above This  This can  can consist  consist producing  producing flyers  flyers postcards  postcards distributing  distributing these  these your  your community  community even  even outside  outside your  community if  you doing  doing mass  mass mailings  mailings Place  Place your  your materials  materials public  public places  places such  as laundromats  laundromats restaurants  restaurants video  video rental  rental stores  stores beauty  beauty salons  salons barber  barber shops  shops gift  gift shops  shops your  your neighborhood  neighborhood dry  dry cleaners  cleaners windshields  windshields parked  parked cars  cars etc  etc College  College university  university campuses  campuses as  as well  well as  as church  church congregations  congregations excellent  excellent places  places distribute  distribute flyers  flyers Door  Door door  door distribution  distribution Hang  Hang your  your flyer  flyer every  every door  door your  neighborhood all  all homes  homes your  your subdivision  subdivision If  live apartment  apartment condominium  condominium complex  complex there  there lots  lots doors  doors hang  your flyers  flyers Classified  Classified display  display ads  ads local  local papers  papers community  community papers  papers newsletters  newsletters These  These good  good exposure  exposure media  media they  be expensive  expensive although  although some  people swear  swear their  their effectiveness  effectiveness Car  Car magnets  magnets great  great as  they visible  visible wherever  wherever you  you drive  drive your  your car  car Interview  #8217 Chief  Everett ChurchRay  ChurchRay Everett  Church internationally  internationally recognized  recognized expert  expert privacy  privacy law  law Internet  Internet related  related public  public policy  policy 1999  1999 became  became world  world


#8217  first corporate  corporate Chief  Officer development  development that  that became  became highly  highly influential  influential across  across business  business world  world Since  Since then  then hundreds  hundreds major  major companies  companies #8211  #8211 including  including IBM  IBM Microsoft  Microsoft Bank  Bank America  America American  American Express  Express #8211  #8211 have  have followed  followed suit  suit appointed  appointed their  their own  own chief  privacy officers  officers author  author numerous  numerous articles  articles books  books Internet  Internet privacy  privacy issues  issues Ray  Ray has  has testified  testified before  before Senate  Senate House  House Representatives  Representatives Federal  Federal Trade  Trade Commission  Commission has  has appeared  appeared at  at numerous  numerous conferences  conferences seminars  seminars also  also frequent  frequent commentator  commentator legal  legal technology  technology issues  issues involving  involving Internet  Internet Ray  Ray sat  sat down  down answer  answer few  few questions  questions about  AGLOCO privacy  privacy How  How can  be certain  certain my  my personal  information secure  secure with  sold distributed  distributed Ray  Church AGLOCO  #8217 Privacy  Policy contains  contains our  our promises  promises you  you about  about exactly  exactly how  how we  will protect  protect your  your personal  information Privacy  Policy along  along with  with our  our Member  Member Agreement  Agreement form  form legally  legally binding  binding contract  contract between  between you  Member us  us If  we were  were violate  violate our  promises there  there myriad  myriad law  law enforcement  enforcement organizations  organizations consumer  consumer protection  protection agencies  agencies not  not mention  mention armies  armies lawyers  lawyers who  who will  sure we  #8217 get  get away  away with  with there  there two  two even  more important  important reasons  reasons AGLOCO  AGLOCO protect  protect privacy  privacy our  Member data  data First  First Members  Members own  own AGLOCO  AGLOCO All  All company  company #8217  #8217 activities  activities based 


based premise  premise that  that best  best interests  interests Members  Members drive  drive every  every decision  decision inform  inform every  every choice  choice Second  Second AGLOCO  AGLOCO new  new special  special kind  kind business  business called  called #8220  #8220 infomediary  infomediary #8221  #8221 infomediary  infomediary works  works as  as agent  agent behalf  behalf consumers  consumers help  share money  money paid  paid advertisers  advertisers line  line retailers  retailers other  other marketers  marketers Internet  Internet more  AGLOCO knows  knows about  about each  each its  Members more  more valuable  valuable each  Members gets  gets less  less other  other companies  companies know  know about  Members increases  increases even  even further  further value  value AGLOCO  AGLOCO thereby  thereby you  you Our  Member information  information #8220  #8220 crown  crown jewel  jewel #8221  #8221 company  company selling  selling renting  renting data  data would  would undermine  undermine entire  entire concept  concept infomediary  infomediary Thus  Thus protecting  privacy Member  data at  at heart  heart our  our business  model our  our incentives  incentives never  never rent  rent sell  sell that  that data  data strong  strong If  never sell  sell distribute  distribute my  information why  why does  does need  need first  place when  when sign  up Ray  Church There  two main  main reasons  why we  we need  need your  information First  First we  need have  have certain  certain amount  amount information  information about  about you  you order  order create  create administer  administer your  your Membership  Membership including  including information  information that  be needed  needed make  sure you  your distributions  distributions from  AGLOCO Second  Second that  that information  information forms  forms important  important part  part your  your Member  data helping  helping us  us know  know that  you #8220  #8220 real  real #8221  #8221 person  person thereby  thereby allowing  allowing AGLOCO  AGLOCO charge  charge advertisers  advertisers higher  higher price  price chance  chance have  have ads  ads delivered  delivered example  example having  having postal  postal code  code each  each member  member helps  helps us  us target  target ads  local advertisers  advertisers your  your region  region Such 


Such geographic  geographic targeting  targeting can  be very  very difficult  difficult Internet  Internet ads  ads which  which why  why advertisers  advertisers will  pay premium  premium Unlike  Unlike any  other Internet  Internet company  company we  will return  return that  that premium  premium you  you How  be sure  sure AGLOCO  AGLOCO does  not change  change its  its privacy  policy future  future Ray  Policy #8220  #8220 work  work progress  progress #8221  #8221 which  which will  be constantly  constantly updated  updated expanded  expanded include  include new  new products  products services  services that  will offer  offer its  Members fundamental  fundamental privacy  privacy protections  protections contained  contained both  both Privacy  Policy Member  Agreement will  will remain  remain strong  strong Anytime  Anytime Privacy  Agreement changes  changes substantive  substantive way  way we  will notify  notify our  our Members  Members via  via email  email website  website you  be asked  asked review  review changes  changes agree  agree them  them You  free decline  decline cancel  cancel your  membership at  at which  which time  time your  your profile  profile will  be deleted  deleted Even  Even after  you leave  leave any  any data  data we  we may  may still  still have  have about  you including  including any  any financial  financial legal  legal records  records that  we required  required keep  keep law  law will  will still  still be  be bound  bound last  last Privacy  Policy which  you agreed  agreed compteursEntertainment  compteursEntertainment Unlimited  Unlimited Zone  Zone Collection  Collection funny  funny naughty  naughty friendship  friendship romantic  romantic Send  Send Free  Free SMS  SMS any  any CDMA  CDMA GSM  GSM mobile  mobile phone  phone India  India Funny  Funny Pictures  Pictures cards  cards Forums  Forums Chat  Chat Room  Room News  News moresms  moresms india  india free  sms india  funny cards  cards humour  humour masala  masala music  music hindi  hindi music  music send  sms sms  sms collection  collection friendship  friendship sms  sms love  love sms  sms romantic  romantic sms  sms missing  missing you  you sms  sms naughty  naughty cards  cards cards  cards baby  baby names  names indian  indian baby  names hindu  hindu names  names sikh  sikh names  names muslim  muslim names  names bollywood  bollywood gossip  gossip bollywood  bollywood masala  masala chat  room affiliate  affiliate program  program india  india affiliates  affiliates games  games flash  flash games  games Welcome  Welcome Money  Money India  Online Entertainment  Entertainment Unlimited  Zone Online  Jobs Jobs  Jobs Online  Online Agloco  online funny  games Seo  Seo Mile  Mile Copy  Copy Software  Software Funny  Funny Exams  Exams Record  Record Zipcode  Zipcode Photos  Photos Third  Third Employment  Employment Jeans  Jeans Tips  Tips Remodeling  Remodeling Visit  Visit Remember  Remember Beach  Beach Horse  Horse Timeshare  Timeshare


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